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Gandhi Sugandhi Bhandar - Perfumes, Agarbatti, Scented Hair Oil Gandhi Chemical Works
Gandhi Chemical Works :
Products -Detergent Powder, Cake, Handmade washing soap and Nirol.
Factory Address - F/41, Beechwal Ind. Area, Bikaner, Rajathan.

Gandhi Chemical Works is one of the leading Detergent Powder, Detergent Soap, Detergent Cake Manufacturers & Suppliers in India. Our Chandan Detergent Powder is a multi-action Washing Detergent Powder, which can be used both for hand wash and washing machine as well. It produces more lather as compared to other detergent powders available in the market. It removes any deep-rooted stain including that of turmeric, pickles, grease etc. While removing stain, it never plays with the color of the clothes. After the wash, our perfumed Detergent Powder leaves a very refreshing fragrance in your clothes. Our Laundry Detergent Powder is available in a very pocket friendly price.

Our business DOES NOT create, hold, or store any chemical wastes or byproducts at all. We DO NOT store or use anything  explosive.  We perform soap and detergent blending ( light manufacturing ) and provide biodegradable cleaning products to our customers. In fact, we only make products when they are ordered.

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Scented Washing Soap, Washing Powder, Cakes, Perfumes, Hair Oil etc.